I chose to join HerCampus because I wanted an outlet to publish my writing online. HerCampus wasn’t exactly the culture of outlet I was looking for — I was either looking for something a little more literary or an organization where things worked a little closer to how a newsroom does — but it was there, so I decided to join. At this time, the student newspaper, The Profile, had not yet been revived.

HerCampus allows any student of a college that’s involved in its chapters to write on pretty much any topic — anything from makeup trends of the season to the latest trials from the Trump administration. As you can tell from its title, HerCampus is geared towards college women, but in our gender-diverse and inclusive historically women’s college climate, we strived to create a welcoming environment for anyone who wanted to write or read our chapter’s magazine.

I grew to enjoy the wide range of topics that were covered on HerCampus. It meant that if I were in a fiery, hard-news mood, I could write hard news. On the other hand, if I just wanted to write a fluff piece like a gifsticle (gif listicle [list article]) because I’d had a long week, I could do that instead. HerCampus gave me a light kind of freedom in my writing career that I feel I’ll probably only experience in college.

What is published on HerCampus is more accurately described as blogging, and it’s not what I want to be doing forever. But for now, HerCampus has served as a great way to showcase my writing when I pitch freelance articles to bigger publications or apply for writing internships.


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